Peninpad Mentorship with Dr. Percy Bady consists of 4-week sessions covering Songwriting and Music Production tips. This program creates a space for our participants to bridge the gap in their songwriting and production skills while working alongside and learning from Grammy, Dove, and BMI award-winner himself. Dr. Bady is providing knowledge and cultivating next-level skills for your success in music.


Sessions will occur twice a week for 2 hours in the evenings. One day will be dedicated to reviewing the topics and answering any other questions that were not answered during the 2-hour sessions. Mentees will have access to a private group and forum, where Dr. Bady will communicate outside of the standard meeting times. Below are the weekly topics provided in the mentorship program. 

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The Mentorship Program charges a one-time fee of $450. 

If you are interested in enrolling in the mentorship program, please apply below.

Payment secures your spot in the cohort! You will not be enrolled until payment is received!

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What is your song saying?

For those seeking mentorship in the foundation and structure of songwriting. We will go over the importance of understanding words and lyrics and how it conveys what we intend the listener to know. 

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How is your song singing?

For those seeking mentorship in the foundation and structure of production. We will dive into the process of developing, refining, and recording music for the public. 

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What are you using to create your expression?

For those seeking mentorship in the best software to use for your creative expression. We will discuss the necessary programs to present your musical ideas to the world.


Music Business

The song is completed. Now what?

For those seeking mentorship in understanding the ins-and-outs of the music industry. We will focus on the recording, publishing, and legal logistics pertaining to your music.